Dr. Smith has done multiple procedures on my back. I am very pleased with my results. I was in a lot of pain in the beginning and have almost no pain now. I love that he listens and takes time with you. He has always explained what my issues are and what the best way to resolve them would be. I wouldn’t let anyone else touch my back. Dr. Smith is great.
Kathryn S.

After two back surgeries I am convinced there is no better surgeon anywhere. Dr Smith did both of my back surgeries and they were a success and to him I am grateful. His bedside manner and post-op care is tremendous. I would definitely recommend Dr. Smith to anyone anywhere. If ever I am in need for another surgery, I will not hesitate to go straight to Dr. Smith.
John M.

My life has been really hard the past few years. I had two back surgeries that were only minimally effective. I was really in bad pain and I had been told that pills were my only option. Dr. Smith disagreed with the other doctors and I took a chance on a third surgery. I was scared but I did great and after three months, I am almost pain free – 90% better than I was. I am so very glad that Dr. Smith didn’t give up on me. I will always be grateful.
Andrew J.